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Be a HIPAA-Certified
Virtual Medical Assistant!

For Those Who Want to Start their VA Career in the Medical and Healthcare Field

✔ Absolutely FREE Training

Instructor-led Training

With Comprehensive Syllabus

With Training Completion & HIPAA Certification

Guaranteed Assistance in Client Matching Upon Certification

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*The terms outlined herein are subject to change without prior notice. We advise all prospective participants to await further updates.

Welcome to Transcend Virtual

A Digital Training Camp to Become a Virtual Medical Assistant


In this age of digital innovation and progress, we all recognize the importance of digital work opportunities. Unfortunately,  not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to these life-changing resources. We believe that no Filipino should be denied access simply due to their financial or geographic situation.


Transcend Virtual is determined to make this right. We'll provide Filipino professionals with the necessary tools and  skillset to embark on a fulfilling career as a Virtual Medical Assistant.


Our Transcend Virtual Story

Why Did We Start?

The Philippines is well known for its talented medical professionals, but the gap between home-grown Filipino talent and the US market remains wide, especially in the medical and healthcare field.


At Transcend Virtual, we specialize in helping Filipino professionals get the training they need to become Virtual Medical Assistants (VMA). We understand the importance of providing quality healthcare services to US medical practitioners. And it starts with equipping our graduates with the skills, certifications, and connections they need to make a successful career.

Our comprehensive VMA training program is offered through instructor-led sessions. Our syllabus covers the foundation for working as a VMA and is designed to give our graduates the edge they need to secure employment. Our goal is to not just help our graduates land a client but equip and empower them with score-defined competencies that will sustain long-term work.

At the completion of our training, graduates are provided with HIPAA certifications and assistance with client matching. To ensure their success in the industry, we extend a special talent endorsement to Core Virtual Solutions for all our graduates.


Transcend Virtual strives to equip Filipinos with the resources and skills they need to become successful healthcare professionals. With our training camp and continuous career support, we hope to make a positive impact and help make the healthcare industry more accessible for the Filipino workforce.

We can't wait to meet you!


To propel Filipino talents to achieve their greatest potential enabling them to access better work opportunities and improved lives.

Our Offered Courses

Essential Lessons You Will Learn to Become a Virtual Medical Assistant

Transcend Virtual - Module 1.png

Module 1

Introduction to US Healthcare System

This is an overview of the US healthcare system. This training is designed for individuals who are new to the US healthcare system and provides an introduction to the key concepts and terminology used in the industry.

Transcend Virtual - Module 2.png

Module 2

Roles & Responsibilities of a Virtual Medical Assistant

This module aims to help trainees in assisting their clients (healthcare providers) in managing their daily tasks and helping them to provide better care to their patients.

Transcend Virtual - Module 3.png

Module 3

Customer Service & Soft Skills Training

This is designed to develop the interpersonal and communication skills necessary to effectively provide customer service in a variety of situations. The goal is to help employees better understand customer needs, develop strong relationships with customers, and provide quality customer service.

Your Transcend Virtual Journey

Step-by-step Process in Becoming a VMA


Paper screening


Initial Interview


Final Interview


Class Enrollment


Training & Certification




Client Interviews


Client Matching & Deployment

Our Guarantee

Top-notch training regime for Filipino workforce

With our carefully selected instructor and comprehensive free training program, we are proud to make sure that our graduates are well-equipped with the essential knowledge and experience needed to offer stellar services to our clients in the medical industry. Our company is committed to delivering superior customer service and providing a continual support system from start to finish.



Train Under Transcend Virtual Today!

Launch your VA Career and Become an Elite Virtual Medical Assistant

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